Dough: Getting a Rise Out of Brilliant Donuts in Bed-Stuy

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Donuts Brooklyn

Glistening glazes are a Dough donut hallmark.

In Los Angeles, one person we trust for sage pastry advice is Nastassia Johnson from Let Me Eat Cake, she of the sweet tooth and Muffin Mondays. When we mentioned our plans for Brooklyn to her, she said we had to go to Dough, which debuted in late 2010 in Bedford-Stuyvesant and specializes in imaginative flavors of raised donuts.

Donuts Brooklyn

Dough donuts are reasonably priced at $2.25 apiece.

Donut Brooklyn

Tart hibiscus donuts touted a dried hibiscus flower accent. Consistent texture and pleasant chew are two aspects that distinguished Dough’s donuts.

Donut Brooklyn

Our tangy passion fruit donut sported crunchy, bittersweet cocoa nibs, and was still warm!

Donut Brooklyn

We continued our donut conquest by systematically dismantling a chocolate donut with crunchy, bittersweet cocoa nibs.

Donut Brooklyn

The only donut that was too sweet involved Dulce de leche with shaved almonds.

Dough also make cakes, pies and more baked goods for nearby Choice Market. We didn’t get a chance to try their alternate baked goods, but could see them baking through the glass-fronted kitchen window.

A self-proclaimed Dough evangelist jumped in the middle of our donut discussion and said, “Not to sound too hipster. but I came here before anybody else knew about it.” As the restaurant says, “We Fry in Bed-Stuy.” But of course he already knew that. And now we know too, and we’re not even hipsters.

Address: 305 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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