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When I think of Beverly Hills, beignets aren’t the first things that immediately spring to mind. Thankfully, Dion Antic and Maggie Finneran persisted with their vision, launching Beverly Hills Beignets this summer, recruiting a pastry powerhouse to help their cause.

The first Beverly Hills Beignet occupies the former home of Papa Jake’s Sub Shop. This is no workmanlike Cafe du Monde. Instead, the glass-fronted space screams high-end, with a white and gold awning, tiny round wood tables with gold seats, gold lettering, and a shiny gold globe chandelier, Order their sweet and savory beignets at a marble counter.

Pastry chef Lincoln Carson, previously with Mina Group and Superba Food & Bread, engineered the recipes for mix and match sweet beignets as well as my focus, savory.

Three different savory beignets are fried to order in canola oil. The Field Grown contains roasted artichoke and comes with harissa aioli. The Country Life packs maple glazed Nueske bacon and features maple bourbon sauce. I fixed on The Parisian ($9.95) filled with smoked ham and oozing Gruyere cheese and served with tangy, slightly spicy Dijon vinaigrette dipping sauce. The beignets were nice and light, with golden coats studded with sea salt crystals.

The concept seemed like a stretch, but their ritzy beignets were awfully convincing.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

Address: 9527 S Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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