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Pork Chop Los Angeles

Nothing could have prepared me for the power of the Prime Pork Chop ($24), a work of porcine art that chef Brendan Collins prepares at Waterloo & City, a fine-tuned, oversized gastropub on Culver City’s Western fringe. Sure Collins found success at Melisse, Anisette and The Hall Courtyard Brasserie at Palihouse, but the Nottingham native is clearly most comfortable when riffing on the cuisine of his homeland, as evidenced by last Friday’s inspired dinner. The Prince charcuterie platter was a standout, but nothing on the carving board came close to the chop.

Chefs often overcook pork chops, but Collins’ thick-cut, pan-seared, boldly specimen was juicy all the way through, served in vanilla- and apple-tinged pan juices, plated on a raft of expertly cooked green beans and topped with a luxurious slab of black pudding. The dark loaf was caramelized at the edges, bound with pig fat and studded with congealed cubes of iron-rich hog’s blood, apples and onion. He finished the feat with chunky apple sauce and a single dehydrated apple chip. This chop was further proof that Homer Simpson was correct in calling the pig a “magical animal.”

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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Must try the pork chop next time! But don’t forget vitamin V – a few weeks ago, Tamara and I shared the venison and huckleberry terrine – also awesome! Also recommend the curried chicken meatball pizza, and red curry/mussels/lobster pappardelle. I am actually kind of obsessed with this place – 1 because it’s delicious and interesting, and 2 because I think Mar Vista is becoming cool! The waiter told me that the next door restaurant is being remodeled by the alibi room/beechwood people.

Funny, I’ve already returned to Waterloo & City and made sure to take several doses of Vitamin V. Good call.

I ate there last night, had the Prince platter as well, and could not imagine ordering a pork chop thereafter, as it would have been too much food. But that charcuterie was delicious.
Did end up getting scallops and sharing the brussels sprouts though.
Love the place, staff wonderful, wine list could use some improvement. And no valet charge!


Glad to hear you enjoyed Waterloo & City. My cousin ordered the scallops on Friday night and raved about them, but of course that night, it was all about their pork.

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I would have commented sooner, but I had to replace my keyboard after having drooled all over it.


Waterloo & City’s pork chop is definitely drool-worthy, but you’ll be too busy fighting for bites for that to happen.

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