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Pork Los Angeles

Birch Pork Shank [CLOSED]

Could we be witnessing the dawn of a new dining era in Hollywood, a time when aren’t limited to hotel drivel, bohemian coffeehouse fare and club food that only makes sense after bottle service?...
Chefs Los Angeles

Finding Balance with Los Angeles Chefs

On June 10, at Taste of the Nation Los Angeles, I asked participating chefs, How are you able to maintain balance in your life, if you’re even able to? Read their responses. Brendan Collins...
Chef Los Angeles

Top Selling Dishes at Los Angeles Restaurants

I asked eight prominent L.A. chefs one question: “What is your top selling dish, and why do you think that’s the case?” The responses seem to say as much about their clientele as their...
Chef Los Angeles

Off Duty Drinking: Los Angeles Chefs

Buy this man Jameson on the rocks if you see him away from Rustic Canyon. I recently asked five of L.A.’s top chefs one simple question: “Where and what do you like to drink...
Pork Los Angeles

Waterloo & City Head Cheese Salad [CLOSED]

I never expected to find my favorite pork dish of the week at the California Science Center, yet it happened on Saturday night during the first stage of the institution’s annual “Savor California” event,...
Gastropub Los Angeles

Waterloo & City: Riffing on British Comfort Food in Culver City [CLOSED]

Every September, my cousin Jimmy visits Santa Monica from suburban New Jersey, and he’s always on the hunt for the same thing: the city’s hottest restaurant. The food is important, and if he can...