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SQIRL showcases pork from Mangalitsa, a famously woolly pig, in their two faced sandwich.

There are so many fun directions to turn with this Week’s Dose of Vitamin P, which features SQIRL’s Two Faced Sandwich with Mangalitsa Terrine. It would be fun to explore the Batman villain reference, or a possible link to a movie my elementary school teacher showed to promote mental health, “The Three Faces of Eve.” However, since this is Dose of Vitamin P, let’s stay on point with pork. After all, pork’s been a big focus lately from Jessica Koslow and her seasonally focused crew at SQIRL. Last week, on Instagram, people started posting photos of Mangalitsa pork preparations.

Oliver Woolley, the subject of a Los Angeles Times profile just last week, clearly takes pork seriously. After all, his father and grandfather worked with pigs for a living. Consider this a case of porcine predestination. The topper is that a man named Woolley chose to breed a woolly, well-larded variety of pig – Mangalitsa – which he now sells at farmers markets. By the time I got to SQIRL, they were down to the last slabs of terrine, which factored into a Two Faced Sandwich ($12) featuring pliable Bread Lounge baguette. Complementary elements include slightly funky liver pate, tangy fennel slaw, shaved cucumbers, cilantro and olive oil. Koslow’s culinary lieutenant Ria Wilson wrote, “(Yes It’s Like Banh Mi)” on the blackboard, next to the description, and that may have been the push the Mangalitsa needed, since the last sandwich sold during my stay at the counter. On Instagram, Wilson later wrote, “Time to move on to other pork goodies now!” Hopefully SQIRL keeps Woolley’s woolly pig in the rotation, and that the menu continues to involve “banh mi.”

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

SQIRL Mangalitsa Two Faced Sandwich (Dose of Vitamin P)


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