Marked5 Katsu Pork (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

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One night per month, the sight of L.A. Art Walk is enough to convince Angelenos that downtown might actually live up to all the hype. Thousands of city dwellers flood L.A.’s historic core to explore galleries, to listen to DJ sets and of course to eat. On October 8, Javier “The Glutster” Cabral led a ravenous band of food lovers along the blocks-long food truck trough, where we foraged for food. My night included five distinct stops, and the top taste undoubtedly came from the inexplicably named Marked5, a Japanese inspired truck that’s re-invented the burger.

Katsu Pork ($5) consists of a crispy grilled rice “bun” filled with a lean, golden-brown fried pork cutlet dressed with shredded cabbage and tangy Katsu sauce. It got a little messy, but the owners were smart enough to wrap the base in wax paper to catch the saucy run-off.

UPDATE: Marked5 no longer rolls the streets, but is still available for catering.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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