Jitlada Kua Kling Omelet

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Jitlada combines a fluffy Thai-style omelet with kua kling, a fiery Southern Thai dry curry.

“And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.” On days I eat at Jitlada, the fiery Southern Thai restaurant from Suthiporn “Tui” Sungkamee and sister Sarintip “Jazz” Singsanong, Johnny Cash’s famous lyrics could easily describe the state of my mouth, which generally needs a bucket brigade of ice water to dull the slow burn. However, it’s impossible to stop eating, since the fire also packs plenty of flavor. My most recent visit was for a long lunch, which included my new favorite L.A. omelet, which centered on the dry curry called kua kling. The aromatic curry, which is stained yellow with turmeric, coats juicy ground pork tossed with spicy cuts of Thai green chilies. A fluffy omelet shrouds the meat and comes garnished with raw red bell pepper, carrot, purple cabbage and cilantro. The condiment of choice is a tangy, fire-red chile sauce, which spoons easily onto the packet.

Jazz says she prefers the omelet with a sweet, tangy sauce crafted from ingredients like tomato and pineapple, which is how she and her 11 siblings ate the dish growing up in Thailand. If she’s got a free moment at Jitlada (unlikely) ask her to make that version for you.

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