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If baristas are the new bartenders, why shouldn’t they have some of the same tools at their disposal? Boston shakers are often in both hands, and now, so are bitters.

Bitters, which are used to season cocktails, have been showing up on California coffee counters. At Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, barista Matt Watson makes a Cure-All featuring a double shot of Four Barrel espresso in a Gibraltar glass with Workhorse Rye salted cacao bitters and Fever Tree tonic water, served on the rocks with a tiny cookie.

At modern Dinosaur Coffee in Silver Lake, Michelle Hantoot and husband Ben don’t get quite as elaborate, but they still drop the same salted cacao bitters at the base of their Bitters Cortado ($5) glass upon request, which adds a savory, spicy hit to an otherwise straightforward drink made with milk and Four Barrel espresso. Workhorse Rye co-founder Rob Easter previously worked for Four Barrel, which only heightens the coffee connection. Better yet, you can pair the drink with a stegosaurus or T-Rex, which are both looming.

Address: 4334 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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