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A simple white on black logo represents BoHo's bohemian aesthetic.

Adolfo Suaya is transforming Charcoal into a new restaurant, but he won’t be calling it Circa 19 after all. Instead, he and chef/co-owner Andre Guerrero are re-dubbing the space BoHo. Props to Lesley Balla over at Eater LA who convinced Suaya to change the name from Circa 19 to BoHo. That’s serious blog sway.

Anyway, on to the information. At Friday’s walk-through with BoHo designer Kristofer Keith (Delux, Kitchen 24, Ortolan, etc.), the former Charcoal space was experiencing a flurry of activity. Keith, an in-demand craftsman, said that Suaya recently handed him the keys and told him to “turn and burn.”

Restaurant Hollywood

Charcoal was front-loaded with “activity points,” including the entrance, bar and fireplace.

With BoHo, Keith will disperse the excitement to every corner of the space. In back, “It felt like you were in jail.” He’s installing a U-shaped bar made from old Charcoal chairs, three plasma screens to watch sports, and a walk-in glass-lined cooler to hold beer kegs. Keith decided to keep the booths and line the columns with brick. He’ll darken the wood floors and lighten the wood walls.

Restaurant Hollywood

Keith scours thrift stores for old paintings, knittings, mismatched chandeliers and barstools.

He’s adding a glass-fronted wall to divide the bar and dining room. This will allow the dining room to become open-air on the west and north sides. There will be high-tops along the windows, which should provide great people watching opportunities in the high foot-traffic area. The front room will also house plenty of greenery, including at least three 12-foot ficuses.

During the walk-through, Keith referenced the “gastropub with clean lines” that he’s designing in the old Parc space. Parc hosts holiday parties through New Year’s and Keith begins a 60-90 day buildout on January 2.


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