The Cup & Star Irish-ish Coffee (Drink of the Week)

Coffee Napa Valley

Ritual Coffee Roasters founder Eileen Rinaldi, a Bay Area coffee leader, built upon the success of her bustling Oxbow Public Market stall by opening The Cup & Star last summer, featuring a beautiful hardwood bar around the corner. Customers can order every standard drink imaginable from a custom Synesso Hydra MVP espresso machine and pair of Marco SP9 coffee brewers, but their “Super Special Menu” provides the concept’s true magic.

The Buena Vista Irish coffee is practically gospel in San Francisco. Bartenders top hot, sweet, whiskey-spiked coffee with frothy cream. I can’t help but think that drink inspired The Cup & Star’s Irish-ish Coffee ($6). In this case, baristas treat hot single origin Honduras coffee from Nelson Ramirez to vanilla bourbon syrup, and dust house-made whipped cream with cinnamon. Some people may miss the whiskey, but rest assured that Irish-ish coffee still delivers a flavorful jolt.


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