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Twitter, whether you love it or hate it, is here to stay and if you want to stay connected to the #craftbeer world, you have to at least check it out a little bit.

Here are some trends and hashtags that you should follow for your California beer fix.

Greg Koch from Stone @StoneGreg

Musings both hilarious and pointed from the Stone Brewing co-founder. Whether he is grimacing over a frozen mug or talking up the latest from the kettles in Escondido, it is fun and enlightening.

Eagle Rock Brewery @EagleRockBrew

Golden Road Brewing @GoldenRoadBrew

If you wanna stay up to date with the locals, make sure you follow these two and the others like Ladyface Ale Companie, El Segundo, the upcoming Ohana. You might see an event you want to attend or hear about a new collaboration beer.

Library Alehouse @LibraryAlehouse

I highlight this Santa Monica spot because of their current IPA festival. Twitter is usually where you will see breaking news on beers being tapped here and other great beer bars across L.A. It can also help make a tough decision between two beer spots easier.

Untappd @Untappd

This is how you can see who is drinking what, right now. It is a great way to not only see what is popular but also to get more people out to try that awesome beer that you have in front of you.

Lastly, check your favorite beer blogs to see what they are saying on their Twitter feeds. You just might learn about a new beer or brewery or just some craft beer gossip.

For the craft Beer of the Week, I recommend Cismontane Brewing Co.‘s Coulter, “Named after the coulter big cone pine tree this is a well-balanced I.P.A. It brings the beer style back to its roots. Brewed with a hit of rye for head retention and a deeper malt character, this beer has the best of all worlds, great hop aroma, a strong body and deceiving strength.” Bottles of this and Citizen have been popping up in better beer locales. If you are a hop head, this is one to buy.

Your Homework this week is to grab (or get a new) collaboration glass and head down to the historic Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles for the latest beer gathering brought to you by 38 Degrees, Golden Road, Mohawk Bend, Surly Goat, Tony’s Darts Away, Verdugo bar and Blue Palms, colLAboration.

The list is what we have come to expect. Some rare, some new and some local. Beers like “Russian River’s Pliny the Younger, Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig. From Ballast Point we’ll have Sour Wench, Sculpin, Sea Monster, Tongue Buckler and Victory at Sea. We also have rare finds from Golden Road, Eagle Rock, Beachwood, Ladyface, Strand, Lost Abbey, Almanac, Stone, Firestone, Green Flash and too many others to list. The rarest beer might be Chocosaurus Rye from The Bruery.” Take the Metro this 26th for some really great beers in a beautiful setting.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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