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Craft Beer Santa Monica

Santa Monica Brew Works, New Guinness + Barrel Aged Beer

If you look at the handy map that the L.A. County Brewers Guild recently published, you will see pockets of activity and a blank hole in Santa Monica. That changed with the opening of...
Top 10 List

2012 Top 10 Beers

Each year around this time, I look back at my Ratebeer records and Untappd ratings to see which beers made their mark in the past 12 months. This year was a harder task with...
Bar Pasadena

Where Craft Beer is Not First on the Menu

How dare a new place open and not be 100% craft beer focused? Well, Blind Donkey and Colorado Wine Company, which are a short hop from each other in Pasadena and Eagle Rock, respectively,...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Craft Beer is Trending

Twitter, whether you love it or hate it, is here to stay and if you want to stay connected to the #craftbeer world, you have to at least check it out a little bit....

Coast to Coast Toast

Instead of occupying, bickering or sarcasm, people all across the United States should instead lift a glass and toast to the fact that no matter how divided we may seem to be right now,...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Raise a Glass to Lucky Baldwin’s

When I first arrived in Los Angeles from Portland, I was struck by the barren craft beer landscape. Not only was the amount of beers pretty small; the number of places that would serve...