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Craft Beer Orange County

Santa Ana + Costa Mesa Beer Scene

One third of the building is ready, and this time next year, you just might find the whole building in use with R&D brewery, distillery and a taproom. This is happening in Santa Ana...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Friday Night at Sunset

On Friday nights at Sunset Beer Co. in Echo Park, you will find a food truck out front and the usual great beers on tap and in bottles but that beer is from one...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Craft Beer is Trending

Twitter, whether you love it or hate it, is here to stay and if you want to stay connected to the #craftbeer world, you have to at least check it out a little bit....
Craft Beer Christmas

Best Beers of 2011

It is now time for me to hand out my awards for the best craft beers that I had in 2011. (Even the Brew & You column is not immune to the siren call...