Steak Banff

Chuck’s Steakhouse Ribeye

Banff is far better known for outdoor adventure than food, but I did have one strong dinner at Chuck’s Steakhouse, an ambitious meat-focused destination on the second floor of a mountain-facing downtown building. Banff...
Bacon Los Angeles

APL Restaurant Bacon [CLOSED]

Adam Perry Lang pivoted from smoking barbecue on Jimmy Kimmel’s backlot to broiling dry-aged steaks at his hotly anticipated APL Restaurant in Hollywood. Don’t worry, serving stupendous meat is still very much his core...
Italian Food Los Angeles

The Arthur J Veal Parmesan

Manhattan Beach has been a culinary playground for chef David LeFevre and the Simms brothers. M.B. Post and Fishing With Dynamite are their most successful collaborations to date, but The Arthur J, their “Mad...
Steak Chicago

Boeufhaus Ribeye

Chicago, a city situated at America’s crossroads, has a historic reputation for their stockyards, slaughterhouses, meatpacking facilities, and butcher shops. Thankfully, we’re over a century removed from Upton Sinclair’s vision of the meat industry...
Hamburger Los Angeles

Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse Hamburger

National Hamburger Month spans May, in case you didn’t know. To celebrate, Patina Group challenged their SoCal chefs to create the burger of their dreams. At Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse, a downtown restaurant that...
Potato Los Angeles

The Royce Potato Puree

It should be a given that a steakhouse serves high quality meat, and cuts that you can’t typically buy at your local supermarket, big box store, or butcher shop. What separates steakhouses for me...