Coffee San Francisco

Hole in the Wall Coffee (Drink of the Week)

I’ve read estimates ranging from 15-20 square feet for Hole in the Wall Coffee, a tiny North Beach window that Zac Green opened in 2014 just uphill from Washington Square Park. Self-described San Francisco...
Coffee Santa Barbara

Handlebar Coffee Roasters Gibraltar (Drink of the Week)

Aaron Olson and Kim Anderson expanded Handlebar Coffee Roasters from Downtown to Midtown in September 2017, taking over Santa Barbara’s original Safeway market. The airy brick building debuted in the ’30s and features a...
Coffee Los Angeles

Hot and Cool Cafe Cappuccino (Drink of the Week)

If Hot and Cool Cafe is good enough for T’Challa, how can anybody else resist the coffee bar’s charms. Tony Jolly’s new Leimert Park cafe houses a copy of Wakanda’s throne, as featured in...
Coffee San Diego

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Chuck’s Root Beer (Drink of the Week)

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a low-key coffee operation that Chuck Patton founded in 2002 in a sleepy La Jolla neighborhood and now runs five locations throughout San Diego County. Bird Rock most recently...
Coffee Los Angeles

Intelligentsia Coffee Limelight (Drink of the Week)

Intelligentsia Coffee has been a caffeinated force in Los Angeles since launching at Sunset Junction in 2007. At cafes in Silver Lake, Pasadena and Venice, Intelligentsia has become a trusted source for seasonal coffee,...
Coffee Los Angeles

Ambrose Cafe Ambrosia (Drink of the Week)

In Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the nectar of the gods. Doves would deliver this magical elixir to Mount Olympus for Zeus and his siblings to enjoy. Somehow, Midcentury Americans reinterpreted this concept as a...