Hole in the Wall Coffee (Drink of the Week)

Coffee San Francisco

Hole in the Wall Coffee is minuscule, but pays attention to small details.

I’ve read estimates ranging from 15-20 square feet for Hole in the Wall Coffee, a tiny North Beach window that Zac Green opened in 2014 just uphill from Washington Square Park. Self-described San Francisco “coffee raconteurs” reside under a blue awning and prepare pourover coffee, cold brew, tea and coconut juice for customers at just a couple stools and tiny sidewalk tables. A barista told me that HITW has beans roasted exclusively for them in San Leandro, which also helps fuel a sister coffee bar in the Mission District. They brew three different roasts: Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead. I opted for Blonde, the lightest roast with good acidity and a hefty caffeine kick that girded me for hill-climbing.

Hole in the Wall Coffee (Drink of the Week)


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