Asian Food Los Angeles

Cassia Grilled Beef Tripe (Food of the Week)

As much as I enjoyed The Spice Table, the late great Southeast Asian restaurant from Bryant Ng and Kim Luu-Ng in Little Tokyo, I enjoy the couple’s new Santa Monica restaurant with Josh Loeb...
Sausage Los Angeles

RiceBar Pork Longganisa Sausage (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

RiceBar is a modern Filipino rice bowl concept from Santos Uy (Mignon, Papilles) and longtime fine dining Chef Charles Olalia in downtown Los Angeles. It’s amazing all they’re able to accomplish in a space the...
Pork Los Angeles

Republique Arroz Caldo (Dose of Vitamin P)

Walter Manzke and wife/chef Margarita Manzke have created a Cali-French culinary wonderland in Los Angeles with Republique, the ambitious brasserie they run with Bill Chait’s Sprout Restaurant Group. Across the Pacific Ocean, they’ve carved...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Komodo Hot Chicken (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

I went to college at Vanderbilt, and one of Nashville’s dishes I miss most is definitely hot chicken, an incendiary bird cooked in a cast iron skillet, coated in eye-popping quantities of cayenne, and...
Mongolian BBQ Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mongolian BBQ Guide

The myths surrounding Mongolian BBQ are strong. I’ve read enough tabletop literature to know Mongolia is found in northwest China, bound by the Great Wall of China to the south, Russia’s Lake Baikal to...
Cambodian Food Oakland

Phnom Penh House Stuffed Chicken Wings (Food of the Week)

Some dishes still have the ability to surprise. Case in point: chicken wings, a working class wonder that’s found a spot on seemingly every trendy menu in the Bay Area and beyond. However, Phnom...