Asian Food Los Angeles

Nouilles Of 3rds House Noodle Soup (Food of the Week)

Nouilles of 3rds is a Lomita restaurant with a mystifying name and some standout Cambodian-Chinese comfort food that chef Vyla Chan, her husband Frank, and Tim Thu opened in 2015. The airy restaurant resides...
Sausage Orange County

Royal King Elephant Thai Lao Sausage (Dose of Vitamin P)

Somehow, the world seems to agree on certain culinary traditions. Gladly, sausage is one of them. Surprisingly, Southeast Asia isn’t a part of the world that gets enough love when it comes to stuffed...
Burmese Food Orange County

Irrawaddy Coconut Noodle Soup (Food of the Week)

At Irrawaddy Taste of Burma in Stanton, an Orange County city best known for nearly becoming Anaheim’s “sewage farm,” Banny Fong, wife Rosanna, and nephew Fred Phan have produced some of Southern California’s best...
Soda Los Angeles

Ozu East Kitchen Yuzu Ginger Soda (Drink of the Week) [CLOSED]

At Ozu East Kitchen in Atwater Village, owner/filmmaker Paul Yi and his team have carved out a user-friendly dining experience that includes communal wood tables, benches, and cubes, and a blend of Japanese and...
Filipino Food Los Angeles

Lala’s Kitchen Pork Belly Adobo (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Good Filipino restaurants are hard to find outside of (and even within) a few prominent pockets: West Covina, Historic Filipinotown, and Eagle Rock. In out-of-the-way Northridge, Lala’s Kitchen is hidden in plain sight by...
Sausage Orange County

Spicy Lao Sausage (Dose of Vitamin P)

Garden Grove in Orange County contains a nice stretch of Little Saigon and a distinct Korean District and is strong on Vietnamese and Korean cuisines, but the city also boasts other Southeast Asian standouts....