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Cafe de Leche is a specialty coffee pioneer in Highland Park.

Matt Schodorf and wife Anya [Ahn-jah] soft-opened Café de Leche on November 29 in Highland Park, bringing specialty coffee to the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood for the first time. The couple and their baristas pull espresso shots on a sleek La Marzocco using Intelligentsia beans. The brewed coffee is currently a blend of Nicaraguan and Ethiopian beans.They also make a unique mocha using organic cacao and agave nectar, a natural sweetener without the sugar rush. Café de Leche sells two iced teas, black passion and flor de Jamaica, plus hot loose leaf tea.

Venezuelan Drink Los Angeles

Anya Schodorf is bringing Venezuelan flavor to Cafe de Leche with drinks like pinolillo.

Anya is a Nicaragua native who plans to slowly introduce native specialties. Next time you’re at Cafe de Leche, ask Anya to make you a pinolillo. It’s a native drink made using corn powder, cacao, cinnamon milk and water.

Pat Saperstein with Eating LA recently introduced Morning Glory brittles to the L.A. blogosphere. Café de Leche carries five varieties, including New Mexico chili pumpkin seed, Indian curry pistachio and chai tea & cashew.

The baked goods come from Porto’s, since Anya has been a regular since high school. They plan to add cupcakes from nearby Butter Tart.

On December 12, from 5-10 PM, Matt and Anya will host a grand opening, including a marimba player, representatives from the Nicaraguan Consulate, wine and beer. The event is open to the public.


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