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It feels like farmers market graduates Neil Strawder and wife Phyllis are attempting to smoke out Long Beach, and not in a Snoop Dogg way. Bigmista and his partner in ‘cue now run Bigmista’s Barbecue & Sammich Shop and Bigmista’s Morning Wood, both worth visiting.

Meats smoked with pecan wood and mojo bricks are available by weight, in sammiches, bowls, and as part of BAPOM: Big Ass Piles of Meat. Spare Ribs ($14 per pound) were Bigmista’s latest triumph, featuring pork that’s chilled and rubbed with spices like salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, chile powder, sugar and cinnamon. They’re smoked for 3.5 to 4 hours, resulting in rosy meat and winning outer rings. The counterman gave me a choice of sauce: regular or spicy (“hot enough to make your lips tingle but not blow your head off”). Spicy is clearly the best choice at Bigmista’s, where flavor is best left in high gear.

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