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Pizza Los Angeles

One of Sotto's signature pizzas combines guanciale, ricotta, scallion, and fennel pollen.

Pizza inspires strong, wildly different opinions, with people showing deep loyalty to style and to specific restaurants. Who makes the best Los Angeles pizza? Share your opinion (Yay or Nay?) with this fun 15-establishment poll, and (bonus points) in the Comments section.

The Best Pizza in Los Angeles


Joshua Lurie

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Bestia is the best pizza in LA
El Bestia hacen la mejor Pizza de LA porque tienen al mejor
Chef también felicidades Ori Menashe

Not Slicetruck? I started ordering from them when Hollywood Pies briefly closed and the Pitfire near me was having some consistency issues. I think Slicetruck is legit — one of the few places that properly chars your crust without having to ask for it “well done.” Get a full pie with sausage and mushroom

Bestia’s pizza is the best

What about Osteria Mamma? Theirs is pretty damn good

Masa of echo park +1 here. It’s definately worth the 40 min cook time- if you don’t want to wait at your table, call ahead!

How is Cecconis of west Hollywood not even here??? :/

Juan, Does Cecconi’s make great pizza? What’s your favorite pizza to order, and what do you like about it? Thanks for your feedback.

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint has the best pizza anywhere!

Barbara, Thanks for the feedback. Do you prefer the Melrose or Silver Lake location?

Bollini’s in Monterey Park


I’ve heard pretty good things about Bollini’s. What’s your favorite pizza to order there?

The Fungi E Tartufi, order a large for yourself, it’s hard to stop eating!

Bestia has the best pizza hands down , try the one with nduja, the best one in USA

The best pie I’ve had in the LA area and they have good prices too.

Venus pizza parlor
2615 Santa Ana St, South Gate, CA 90280

William, I hadn’t heard of Venus Pizza Parlor. Thanks for the suggestion.

Masa should most def be on this list. Vote for Masa of Echo Park!

James and Dave, Masa does have a loyal following in Echo Park. Do you think their deep dish is worth the one-hour cook time?

Huge fan of the Fennel Blanco – hand-shaved fennel, burrata, rosemary, torn basil, extra virgin olive oil. The crust is the star of the show at Stella Barra!

Hollywood Pie on Pico Blvd!

Masa of Echo Park!

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