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Pitfire Pizza

Pizza Los Angeles

Who Makes the Best Los Angeles Pizza?

Pizza inspires strong, wildly different opinions, with people showing deep loyalty to style and to specific restaurants. Who makes the best Los Angeles pizza? Share your opinion (Yay or Nay?) with this fun 15-establishment...
Craft Beer San Fernando Valley

10 Great Places to Drink Craft Beer in the San Fernando Valley

For the first craft beer guide of 2014, I have broken up the list for the sprawling San Fernando Valley into groups of two so as to cover as much ground as possible while...
Pizza And Beer Los Angeles

Craft Beer and Artisan Pizza

Pizza and beer. It conjures up a certain image in one’s mind of empties. Pizza boxes and crumpled cans. But if you walk into any one of the Pitfire Pizza locations across the Southland,...
Pizza Los Angeles

Pitfire Pizza Culver City Details, Menu + Chef Changes

Paul Hibler recently shared his vision for the upcoming branch of Pitfire Pizza, which he and David Sanfield are opening in far western Culver City. The duo hired architect Barbara Bestor (Intelligentsia Sunset Junction)...