The Bellwether Patty Melt (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Patty Melt Los Angeles

The Bellwether's devastating patty melt is as spicy as you want it to be.

Chef-owner Ted Hopson and beverage director-owner Ann-Marie Verdi have a hit on their hands with The Bellwether. At their buzz worthy spot on a Studio City corner, they dispense crave-worthy dishes. The only question is whether you prefer to “Share A Little” or “Share A Lot.” Clearly, I prefer to Share A Lot. I know they’re referring to portion size, but the restaurant is great for a group. When you go to The Bellwether, make sure to split the Patty Melt ($14).

I recently wrote an Eater LA patty melt story, and Chef Hopson’s melt ranks with L.A.’s best. A griddled beef patty crafted with brisket, short rib and shoulder cooks on a cast-iron skillet to form a pronounced crust and sports a rosy center. Toppings consist of molten Taleggio cheese and sweet caramelized onions on buttery, caraway studded rye bread. You’ll also receive a ramekin of Calabrian chile aioli. Slather this rich, spicy condiment liberally on your sandwich.

I know that I suggested Sharing A Lot. In this case, the patty melt divides well between up to four people, but after taking that first bite, you’ll probably prefer to Share A Little.


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