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Coffee Riverside

The mocktail at Arcade Coffee Roasters is non-alcoholic, but still has a kick.

Riverside is the unofficial capital of Southern California’s Inland Empire, the city in the region with the largest population and home to a University of California branch that educates over 20,000 students per year. These people deserve quality coffee, and Arcade Coffee Roasters has been up to the task since 2015. Shane Levario and Stevie Hasemeyer are proficient caffeine peddlers that started with a cart and replaced Video Town in a strip mall just west of campus. They routinely fill a cafe that features a white and wood color scheme and a clear view of the roasting operation.

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic cocktail, and Arcade Coffee Roasters makes a compelling seasonal version ($6) with house cold brew. In this case, maple syrup, orange bitters and cinnamon complemented the coffee’s smooth, earthy base notes with fall flavors and served the concoction over ice. This judiciously sweet mocktail is alcohol-free, but still packs a punch.

Arcade Coffee Roasters Mocktail (Drink of the Week)


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