L.A. Beer Float Showdown 3: Andre Guerrero, Jan Purdy and Eagle Rock Brewery Win

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Beer Floats Los Angeles

On October 15, the L.A. Beer Float Showdown returned for the third time, popping up at Eagle Rock Brewery for LA Beer Week. This year, five top chefs collaborated with five top California breweries to develop imaginative beer floats. Every attendee judged floats based on “flavor” [1-5], “originality” [1-3] and “presentation” [1-3]. The winning team earned glory, and also walked away with $500.

Beer Floats Los Angeles
Chef Laurent Quenioux of Vertical Wine Bistro and LQ@SK + Beachwood BBQ and Brewing brewmaster Julian Shrago spearheaded a team that showcased Beachwood’s El Verano Saison, brewed with German Pils malt, rye, wheat, malted spelt, local honey and a trio of German hops: Magnum, Tettnanger and Hallertauer. For the float, Quenioux created sorbet with quince, rose water, tonka bean, cinnamon and thyme.

Beer Floats Los Angeles
Chef Thi Tran and Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen + Ladyface Ale Companie brewmaster Dave Griffiths and owner Cyrena Nouzille collaborated on a beer float.

Beer Floats Los Angeles
This was the first time Starry Kitchen executive chef Thi “Kitchen Ninja” Tran made ice cream, and it involved salted plum and habanero, with plum Pop Rocks and fresh-sliced plum complementing Ladyface Ale Companie’s Tripel.

Beer Floats Los Angeles
Chef CJ Jacobson of The Yard and “Top Chef” + Firestone Walker Brewing Co. rep Jace Milstead, a certified cicerone, worked together on a midnight snack.

Beer Floats Los Angeles
They poured Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale, part of the Nectar Ales series, and added Yard-made Toasted Hops Caramel ice cream, a caramel and crushed potato chip rim and a nicotine-kissed “cigar” which puffed liquid nitrogen. Take a hit and pass to the left.

Beer Floats Los Angeles
Chef Ilan Hall of The Gorbals and “Top Chef” + Tustin Brewery brewmaster and Smog City Brewing Co. brewer/owner Jonathan Porter featured Smog City’s saison and added roasted corn ice cream and rosemary salted almonds.

Beer Floats Los Angeles
Chefs Andre Guerrero + Jan Purdy of The Oinkster and Maximiliano + Eagle Rock Brewery brewmaster Jeremy Raub and Ting Su worked on a float that turned the classic stout/vanilla combination inside out. They accentuated ERB’s vanilla bean Solidarity dark ale with chocolate bourbon ice cream, caramelized cocoa nibs and pig candy.

Guerrero said he was up until 2 a.m. making the pig candy, and it paid off, as the team he was on took the top prize, as determined by the attendees. Last night on Twitter, The Oinkster revealed that customers can now try the winning float through October 21, writing, “Due to popular demand we will be serving our champion float during OiNKTOBERFEST.”

25% of event proceeds benefit Share Our Strength. That means that approximately $1300 will go to the charitable organization working to eliminate childhood hunger. Thanks to all the support from participating chefs, breweries and attendees. See you next year for more floats!


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Dear Josh,

Great event and lots of fun. Team Oinkster deserves the accolades.

One miss…Regarding the caterer who was supposed to be ready to go to serve the VIPs @ 11:30 a.m. and then arrived, all smiles, at 1:25 p.m. Any explanation…???



Unfortunately, there was confusion about when the food was supposed to arrive, and the caterer has since apologized. Sorry for any inconvenience. I’m glad that you enjoyed the event. I hope to see you at L.A. Beer Float Showdown 4.

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