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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Craft Beer on the Small Screen

Food TV has been a booming trend for cable television and you can find BBQ, diners and Iron Chefs and the history of pork rinds but until recently (with the late, lamented Sam Calagione/Dogfish...
Beer Floats Los Angeles

L.A. Beer Float Showdown 3: Andre Guerrero, Jan Purdy and Eagle Rock Brewery Win

On October 15, the L.A. Beer Float Showdown returned for the third time, popping up at Eagle Rock Brewery for LA Beer Week. This year, five top chefs collaborated with five top California breweries...
Beer Floats

L.A. Beer Float Showdown (Take 2)

When you think of beer, you probably think of BBQ or relaxing in the afternoon after the chores and errands are done for the day. But if I told you that beer and desserts...