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By the end of 2016, Amelia Bakery & Cafe should be the worst kept bakery secret in Los Angeles. Chef Yoav Rogel already makes some of the most impressive baked goods in the city. The Haifa, Israel native, who named Amelia Bakery for his daughter, previously worked for Breads Bakery, Maison Kaiser and Eataly in Manhattan while his wife was completing her doctoral residency. Now he’s operating in Mid-City beneath a green awning. Amelia’s babka is especially impressive, and he also produces four types of savory rugelach.

Rogel makes Rugelach ($1.75 or 3 for $5) using flaky, laminated Danish dough that requires less sugar than the dough he uses for stellar chocolate rugelach. Olive and feta carries a purple Kalamata hue and sports pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Black sesame seeds accent fluffy, vivid spinach and ricotta rugelach. Jalapeño and cream cheese balances spice with cream cheese’s smooth silk and supports white sesame seeds.

Rogel has more rugleach varieties in his utility belt, along with other creative baked goods.

Address: 7122 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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