Agua Cabana Mango Twister (Drink of the Week)

Agua Fresca Los Angeles

A twister touched down on the second floor of Northridge Fashion Center, but instead of destruction, I found flavor in its wake. Mango Twister ($6) is the impressive creation of Agua Cabana, the first California franchise of a Mexico City based concept. Each house-made agua fresca stars fresh fruit and comes in a cup that’s never smaller than 32 ounces. My Mango Twister featured orange hued agua fresca loaded with ripe fruit, sweet-tart chamoy sauce, and spicy Tajin spice on the rim. More fruit was Tajin-dusted and served in a spiral pattern on top of the cup, held in place with a straw. For all the fruit alone, this twister would be a bargain.

Agua Cabana can also summon a watermelon or pineapple twister to the counter, if you prefer your natural disaster in a different flavor, though I suggest starting with mango.

Address: 9301 Tampa Avenue, Northridge, CA 91324

Joshua Lurie

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