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Agua Fresca Los Angeles

Agua Cabana Mango Twister (Drink of the Week)

A twister touched down on the second floor of Northridge Fashion Center, but instead of destruction, I found flavor in its wake. Mango Twister ($6) is the impressive creation of Agua Cabana, the first...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Szechuan Place Spicy Diced Chicken (Food of the Week)

Danny Zhou has grown Szechuan Place into a fierce restaurant group in the San Fernando Valley. Northridge is his third and nicest location yet, with wood tables, red booths with elaborate wood framing, and...
Filipino Food Los Angeles

Lala’s Kitchen Pork Belly Adobo (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Good Filipino restaurants are hard to find outside of (and even within) a few prominent pockets: West Covina, Historic Filipinotown, and Eagle Rock. In out-of-the-way Northridge, Lala’s Kitchen is hidden in plain sight by...
Carnitas Los Angeles

Metro Balderas Carnitas (Dose of Vitamin P)

Despite my best efforts, I was forced to return to the same lard-filled well for this week’s Dose of Vitamin P. On June 22, the Highland Park link in Abraham Guzman’s Mexico City-inspired chain...
Restaurant Northridge

Pita Pockets: Piling it on Laffa in Northridge

USC might have football glory and George Lucas, and UCLA has the basketball banners and academic heritage, but if I were a prospective college student choosing an L.A. school based purely on the surrounding...
Restaurant Northridge

Bonano’s Chicken: Savoring Scintillating Peruvian Pollo [CLOSED]

My mission was to hit three straight Peruvian chicken spots in the Valley with a friend and report about their relative strengths and weaknesses, factoring in flavor, skin crispness and white meat juiciness. This...