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Ado serves as a bright yellow Italian beacon in Venice.

Last night, I walked past the long-dormant Venice cottage that once housed Amuse and discovered Paolo Cesaro and Andi sitting on the stoop. They’re planning to open Ado at the end of April. They had just finished an exhausting day and weren’t quite ready to discuss their concept, but said they will share details soon.


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I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks,

A definite great read…:)


Hey you forget Via Veneto the food is crab and attitude…..and ADO is expensive…. there is a new great place in the west side……..Mosto Enoteca……………

Ahahah.Paolo don’t worry ,you are the best in town,thanks again to be here for us.I see you next week,me and others 18,ciao sexy

That’s funny, i was there and had an excellent experience. I frequent restaurants weekly. From the service to the food and hospitality, everything was the utmost. This will be on my weekly dining route. Including my birthday party.

weird location. no wine licence AND no BYO. doesn’t seem too authentic italian to me,


Ado’s location has always been a bit tricky, dating back several incarnations. The lack of wine license and BYOB is fairly common for restaurants who just want to get open so they can stop hemorrhaging startup costs.

“Authentic” is a word that gets used a lot these days. To me, whether the food is just like Italy matters less than if the food is just good. Sounds like some mixed reports so far.

i just noticed a blog on here from Paolo Cesaro who is the owner of Ado restaurant. funny that he’s plugging his own restaurant on here! I have to agree with Rebecca, the place down the road is much more of an ‘italian’ experience all round. I found the food at Ado very heavy, not at all like the italian we enjoy around town and in Italy each year. hope this helps


I noticed that Paolo chimed in on Food GPS. I was hoping to speak with him further about his plans for Ado, but he never responded. Thanks to you and other commenters for weighing in on the finished product.

Via Veneto is still our favorite. I went to this new restaurant because I assumed that they were affiliated since Ado mention them on their website. I found out that they are NOT affiliated with Via Veneto at all. I think they are trying to leverage their new restaurant with the success of a much better and well established restaurant.

I went there with my boyfriend and we had a terrible experience. The food is less than mediocre and we were disappointed with the whole vibe from beginning to end. It’s not the location that is cursed. There’s better, and more authentic italian food further down the road.


Since Ado clearly isn’t your favorite spot, where do you prefer to eat Italian food in Venice or Santa Monica?

See the link to an article in Daily Candy about them.

They are open. My wife and I had dinner there last night. It was a totally fullfilling experience. These guys really know how to take care of their customers. The ambience is very intimate, and upbeat. There are very warm and friendly faces everywhere. Paolo is the quintessential Italian- warm friendly, and treats everyone as if they are his best friend. Antonio is a food scientist. We let him do the cooking for us without menus. I don’t even know what some of the things were that he served us. All I know is the food was absoutely incredible.

This is exactly what we were hoping for and just what Venice needed.

Go there sooner than later, as I suspect it will be packed as the word gets out.

We will definitley be regulars….


Thanks for the head’s up about Ado. I plan to spend more time in Venice coming up and will be sure to stop by for a meal.

paolo , my friend you are the best,everybody love you.Remember, you always make people so confortible just whith your smile.i love you man.

I stopped by the other day and met them, as well. They are being a little secretive, but I was able to look around at the inside and it looks pretty interesting in there… Based upon what I heard and what I saw, I have a feeling this may be somehting really special. Paolo is an absolut doll and I am looking forward to another cool, exciting new restuarant in Venice. By the way, he told me they will be open by sometime in May, but possibly sooner. He was being a little secretive about that, too.

Nice scouting report. Hopefully Ado will be good. Thanks for writing, and if you find out any other leads, please let me know.

ado ristorante,finally a good italain restaurant in the west side

A cursed(?) location. I wish them the best.
P.S.: Forgot to add great post!

A cursed(?) location. I wish them the best.

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