10 Top Los Angeles Hot Chocolates

Hot Chocolate Los Angeles


6. Demitasse: Bobak Roshan is a bit of a maverick, and his Lavender Liquid Hot Chocolate ($5) comes with two drops of floral lavender extract and a “giant flame kissed marshmallow” which requires the attention of a kitchen torch. The sweet, dark brown magma involves molten Guittard chocolate blended with vanilla bean and sugar to taste. During my visit, Roshan was getting ready to roll out a lemongrass version.

Hot Chocolate Los Angeles
7. Guelaguetza: At the Lopez family’s colorful ode to Oaxaca, they offer Oaxacan Hot Chocolate ($4.50) with Oaxacan cocoa powder de primera calidad (of the finest quality) blended with crushed almonds and cinnamon and a choice of milk or water, depending on how diluted or rich you want the cocoa.

Hot Chocolate Los Angeles
8. Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea: At their Sunset Junction location, talented Intelli baristas prepare rich Hot Chocolate ($4) with ganache of 60% Tcho dark chocolate, heavy cream, and a waterfall of decorative steamed milk.

Hot Chocolate Los Angeles
9. Jin Patisserie [CLOSED]

Kristy Choo’s bamboo-lined patio cafe has been a mainstay along Abbot Kinney since 2004, but she closes the curtain on its first incarnation on March 24, 2013. Since a chocolatier’s in charge, of course Jin has Hot Chocolate ($5.50). Her approach is simple but effective, combining 72% bittersweet chocolate with steamed milk. She serves plentiful hot chocolate in a pitcher with two unfilled floral Earl Grey macaron cookies. [CLOSED]

Hot Chocolate Los Angeles
10. Taza [CLOSED: Visit Cafe 1886 by Taza at Rusnak Arcadia]

This “social coffee house” from former entertainment industry executive Sonny Mediana offers Cocoa Chaud ($3.75) as a decaffeinated alternative. A Belgian chocolate bar – either dark, milk or hazelnut – joins steamed milk, yielding frothy results.


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We’re super excited to be with such great company! Thanks FoodGPS!!

Btw, we use Straus Barista milk for all our cocoa’s too.


tazacoffeehouse, your place on this list was well deserved. That’s cool to know that you use Straus. See you soon.

Awesome list! We desperate need this for LA’s northerly cousin, San Francisco, where it IS cold enough to consider this as an option every day.

Andrew, glad you like the hot chocolate round-up. Thanks. If you were going to create a version for San Francisco, which spots would you include?

Tiago coffee bar makes a delicious burnt caramel ganache hot chocolate in Hollywood. Thanks for the list.

Josh, thanks for the suggestion. You’re actually the second person today to mention Tiago’s hot chocolate. Burnt caramel ganache sounds awesome.

Lady chocolatt on wilshire and bundy makes amazing creamy thick hot chocolate that will make you blissfully high with chocolate rush to the head

DK, thanks for the tip. Funny, when I was doing my hot chocolate research, I was writing across the street at Literati Cafe and wondered about Lady Chocolatt, but they were already closed for the night.

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