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Hot Chocolate Los Angeles

10 Top Los Angeles Hot Chocolates

Los Angeles is far from frigid, but occasionally, when the days are short and a chill hits, you can now be prepared with 10 Top Los Angeles Hot Chocolates. View Los Angeles Hot Chocolate...
Food Competition Los Angeles

Food GPS Lamb Showdown: The Video

On February 20, a group of diners, each armed with a vote, packed Guelaguetza for the inaugural Food GPS Lamb Showdown, which pitted Zach Pollack & Steve Samson, the chefs and co-owners of Sotto,...
Food Event Los Angeles

Lamb Showdown: Steve Samson & Zach Pollack vs. Walter Manzke

It was great to be able to work with talented chefs like Walter Manzke, Steve Samson and Zach Pollack on the Lamb Showdown. Steve and Zach narrowly defeated Walter in the crowd judging, and...
Cooking Competition Los Angeles

It’s Walter Manzke vs. Zach Pollack & Steve Samson in Inaugural Food GPS Lamb Showdown

On Monday, February 20, Food GPS presents the inaugural Lamb Showdown. It’s Walter Manzke from upcoming République and Factory Baking Company vs. Zach Pollack & Steve Samson, the chefs and co-owners of Sotto. Guests...
Mexican Food Los Angeles

Guelaguetza Clayuda de Choriqueso (Dose of Vitamin P)

When it comes to the cuisine of Oaxaca, the spot with the one of the best track records in L.A. is undoubtedly Guelaguetza, now with four branches across town. Fernando Lopez and wife Maria...