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Coffee Beer Los Angeles

Eagle Rock Brewery Gold Line with Espresso (Drink of the Week)

For Intelligentsia Coffee‘s “Uppers & Downers coffee beer event in Pasadena, Eagle Rock Brewery co-founder Jeremy Raub brewed a special beer called Gold Line, named for the Metro train line that runs through Pasadena....
Coffee Los Angeles

Intelligentsia Coffee Angeleno (Drink of the Week)

When Intelligentsia Coffee opened the doors to their now-iconic Sunset Junction coffee bar, the Chicago-based company honored their adopted city with a signature coffee cocktail that still holds up six years later. The beverage...
Hot Chocolate Los Angeles

10 Top Los Angeles Hot Chocolates

Los Angeles is far from frigid, but occasionally, when the days are short and a chill hits, you can now be prepared with 10 Top Los Angeles Hot Chocolates. View Los Angeles Hot Chocolate...
Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: coffee pro Geoff Watts (Intelligentsia)

Geoff Watts was one of Intelligentsia’s very first hires in the mid ’90s and has become one of the foremost green coffee buyers in the world, helping to establish a Direct Trade model alongside...
Coffee San Francisco

Interview: Ecco Caffe founder Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett has been a mainstay in the Northern California coffee community since 1977. Yes, he took a 14-year hiatus, from 1981 to 1994, but returned to the scene in a major way in...
Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: coffee pro Charles Babinski (Intelligentsia)

Charles Babinski always wanted to experience the world beyond Colorado Springs, so he moved to the city with the most opportunities, New York. This metropolis is where he fell for specialty coffee. He worked...