Zero Degrees Matchata (Drink of the Week)

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Zero Degrees is part of a new wave of Asian-inspired dessert shop that’s cropping up in Little Saigon, with bold flavors and savvy branding that draws teenagers in droves. The original Zero Degrees resides in Little Saigon Plaza and seems tailor-made for Instagram, complete with painted Angel wings on the back wall, which people can slide into and “wear” for selfies. Glass milk jars come complete with logo’d tags. At least the desserts aren’t actually all that kitschy. They’ve got a sorbet case and machines that dispense Dole Whip and soft serve. Mexican ingredients like chamoy, Tajin, and tamarind candy are popular in their tiny sundaes. Zero Degrees also claims to brew real tea, with fresh fruit, and no powders. Regardless, offerings end up leaning sweet, though I’d still recommend Matchata.

This matcha and horchata mash-up is of course available in a jar. The earthy matcha is by no means ceremony grade, but still works well with the sweet, cinnamon tinged rice milk, horchata. Each jar is available with bouncy black boba, which I’d recommend.

The colorful, photo-friendly Zero Degrees model is apparently catching on, since the concept has expanded to Lancaster and Rowland Heights.

Address: 9822 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster, CA 92683

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