Where Did BoHo Go?

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BoHo gastropub relocated within Hollywood and still serves great craft beer.

Eagle-eyed L.A. Beer Blast readers may have noticed that BoHo has been missing from the tap listings lately. There is a reason for it. The gastropub moved from one iconic Hollywood location to another, trading the Cinerama Dome for Hollywood & Highland.

Now BoHo is perched on the 4th level in a well-lit space near the Hollywood sign viewpoint. But once inside, the familiar decor reminds you of where you are located. The rectangular bar has plenty of seating or you can sit at a table just outside and watch the crowds with a pint of your preferred brew.

BoHo is a gastropub and gastropubs play an important part of the craft beer eco-system and get unfairly tarred with the “trendy” label by some people. Places like BoHo have an emphasis on food first. That doesn’t mean that the beer is an afterthought. But rather part of the team. So, you may not find that uber-rare beer that just garnered a 99% score on RateBeer (though a growing bottle list will have some gems that are hard to find now). What you will find is a solid list of beers. Cismontane’s The Citizen, Anchor Summer ale, Hangar 24’s Orange Wheat, Duvel Green.

It is vitally important that Los Angeles, as a growing beer scene, have places like this for two reasons. It is where new people can get turned onto craft beer. Especially at Hollywood & Highland, a whole new market of tourists from around the world can encounter a beer they might not have. Secondly, any tap that is filled with craft beer means that a brewery has more places to sell to, which means more will survive and thrive.

After talking with Chris Sobolewski, the beer dude at BoHo, it is clear that he knows his beer. He has brewed professionally on the East Coast and has been involved in the L.A. beer scene for a while. He is knowledgeable about both what people will understand and want to drink. It helps that the pizzas are really good too.

And if you need another reason to check it out, it is right above a Metro Red line stop so you don’t have to fight any traffic.

For the Craft Beer of the Week, I recommend the Samuel Adams Longshot 23 pack. Longshot is the annual competition for home brewers to get their beers made on a larger scale for a larger stage. This year you can get a black (Cascadian Dark style) IPA, a honey and lavender ale or a Belgian Pale ale. I look forward to this release every year because it is always interesting and experimental.

Your Homework is to recommend ME a beer. You read correctly. I am fast approaching the 1,000 beer rated on the RateBeer website and I need to make that 1K mark a memorable beer. So suggest what you think would be an excellent celebratory beer for such a beer geek moment. It could be something you drank in honor of a special event or a beer you wish you could try. Or it could be your 1,000th rated beer, if you have reached that plateau before me.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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You can get hite anywhere in Koreatown. They have it on tap at Biergarten. I’m not sure if Beer Belly is going to have it though. I think Beer Belly and Biergarten play the two sides, one is a bit more hardcore beer-oriented and the other is more of a pub with some more approachable, food-friendly beers. I’m looking forward to Beer Belly, I passed by it the other day when I was at Frank & Hanks (I won’t be going back there…)

I have not yet had a Korean beer yet but Beer Belly and the other new beer places in Koreatown are on the long list of places to go.
That would indeed be a good choice.

I hear you have a 750 of Dogfish Head Robert Johnson’s Hellhound on my Ale coming your way. That would probably be a good choice for rating #1000.

Interesting that you point out Public School 612 and BoHo, both of which feature some more “ordinary” craft beer lists, yet still do the program well. As for a beer to recommend, have you have a bunch of the Korean beers? Not just Hite, OB or Cass, but Hite “dark” or OB “dark”? You can find some of them in Koreatown…wondering what you thoughts are.

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