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Restaurant Los Angeles

7/19/11 - Mohawk Bend hosted a media preview for the new market-driven Echo Park restaurant from Tony Yanow and wife Amy that has 72 handles of craft beer (two on cask) and an all-Cali spirits selection.

Every week involves a seemingly continuous stream of food, drinks and people. Of course not every taste or conversation is post-able, but the range of experiences is usually pretty amazing. Discover favorites from July 18 – 24, 2011, some of which will help to fuel full posts.

Kristofer Keith designed Mohawk Bend, which features an industrial vibe and a massive back patio with brick walls, a central fireplace, 18 skylights and ficus trees. Co-executive chefs Sera Pelle and Randal St. Clair are overseeing the seasonal, veg-friendly menu, Paige Reilly is the GM and Keith Taylor is the bar manager.

7/22/11LAX-C Express, the steam table café in a restaurant supply store northeast of Chinatown, has been around for over a decade. To feed hungry shoppers (or the general public), they offer one item for $4.95, two items for $5.95 and three items for $6.95. It’s a pretty simple formula that yielded good results during lunch with Midtown Lunch LA founder Zach Brooks, Matthew ”Mattatouille” Kang and Cognoscenti Coffee owner Yeekai Lim.

Thai Food Los Angeles

My favorite LAX-C dishes involved fish fillet with peppercorns, ground chicken with basil and chilies and pink noodles with egg strips, bean sprouts and tofu.

Bakery San Pedro

7/23/11 – I cast a wide net on Saturday, starting in the port town of San Pedro, snatching the last square of pizza at Joseph’s Bakery, a side street institution that dates to 1966. Yes, the tray was empty by 9:30 a.m., but they still had sweet rolls, brownies and lemon squares in stock.

Sandwich San Pedro

7/23/11Busy Bee Market apparently gets mobbed on Saturdays, but we beat the rush for the belly buster, a foot-long Portofino bakery roll that’s loaded with a choice of two meats, either hot or cold. My choices were BBQ chicken (an entire breast) and roast pork, which joined shredded iceberg lettuce, Provolone cheese, mustard, mayo and a ladle full of tomato sauce. They only have a couple benches in-house, so it was an easy decision to take the sandwich to a clifftop park that overlooked the Pacific Ocean, kayakers and Catalina Island.

Craft Beer Long Beach

7/23/11 – My first trip to Beachwood BBQ and Brewing included a flight of brewmaster Julian Shrago’s beers: Punk Wheat Ale, Uno Belgian Single Ale, Knucklehead Red Ale and Kilgore Stout, plus a taste of The Bruery’s Batch 300, an oaked tripel with Citra hops. The tanks are visible through a window, behind the bar, and customers also have a view of the “flux capacitor,” a Gabe Gordon innovation that allows him to set individual temperature and gas controls for each of his 36 taps. It also looks pretty damn cool.


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