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Vietnamese Restaurant Los Angeles

Pat Saperstein at Eating LA revealed that Viet Tran was on the verge of opening Viet Wrap ‘n Roll next to his Viet Noodle Bar in Atwater Village. He also owns Viet Soy Cafe on Hyperion in Silver Lake. Tran was born in Hue (Central Vietnam) and raised in Saigon, but prefers northern Vietnamese cooking since it’s “simple” and “pure.” On Monday night, Tran called to announce his latest opening.

Tran decided on the name since he’s making several varieties of wraps and rolls, including fried shrimp rolls with shrimp and green onion and fresh jicama spring rolls with carrots, tofu, basil and shallots. Tran also offers banh mi made on French baguettes. Expect a whitefish variety with dill, turmeric, cilantro, daikon, carrot and green onion.

Tran designed the space. which he considers the yin to Viet Noodle Bar’s yang. The noodle bar kitchen is for “hot” cooking and the new kitchen is for “cold” (room temperature) cooking. Tran kept the look “simple,” with brick walls, a black-and-white photo from his friend Avo and manager Daniel Dam’s fully functional motorcyle parked near the back wall.

Vietnamese Restaurant Los Angeles
The front counter is loaded with large jars of spices that Tran uses in his cooking, including soybeans, star anise and cardamom pods.


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