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Trinitario Coffee takes care with beans from a family farm and neighboring Valle de Cauca farms.

My friend Joe Mayer is another hardcore coffee drinker. He went shopping with his girlfriend in Cali and stumbled across Trinitario Coffee, a specialty coffee bar from Camilo Fernandez that showcases beans from his family farm and Valle de Cauca caficultores (coffee growers). I instantly took an Uber to the general vicinity that Joe described. Now it was just a matter of whether I would find Trinitario Coffee in time, since they were about to close. I scoured the streets outside an art market and came up empty, even after showing online photos to several locals. Thankfully, I persisted, and after some Google Map calibration and more texted clues from Joe, I found Trinitario Coffee inside Galeria Alameda.

Fernandez founded Trinitario Coffee in October 2016 and started roasting coffee four months ago. The bamboo cafe resides inside a larger market with pink and green flags. A blackboard lists “Perfiles de la Semana,” weekly flavor profiles. During my visit, they featured beans from Cauca, Valle, and Florida. I ordered honey processed Cauca beans brewed in a Chemex with a slice of glazed, raisin studded carrot cake. The toast level was media/alta (medium high) and yielded a bright, sweet, tangy pour that Trinitario Coffee aptly described as Limoncello y Chocolate Dulce.


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