Tratto Italian Eggnog (Drink of the Week)

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Tratto, the seasonal restaurant from Pizzeria Bianco founder Chris Bianco in Phoenix’s Town & Country Shopping Center, simultaneously demonstrates impressive focus and grand ambitions. Three different menu categories each feature two to four entries each night, including salads, house-made pasta, and rarely seen farinata. Anthony Andiario helms the open kitchen on a nightly basis, and to his left, Blaise Faber presides over the bar.

Faber showcases Italian flavors, with a large amari selection, chamomile infused grappa, olive oil washed gin, and slow-yield jars of limoncello and buddhacello made with whole Buddha’s hand. I would have gladly sipped any of those beverages after dinner, but opted for Italian Eggnog ($11). Instead of using a spirit like brandy bourbon, Faber opted for Grappa and Marsala, contributing brightness to a frothy drink that also includes egg and and cream. Faber finished this nog with fresh grated nutmeg and served it in a teacup, which was a nice touch.

Address: 4743 N 20th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Tratto Italian Eggnog (Drink of the Week)


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