Top Los Angeles Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles


Los Angeles, a city with seemingly endless summer, frequently calls for refreshment. Ice cream sandwiches are my favorite cool treats. Still, just because a place makes great ice cream does not guarantee great ice cream sandwiches. Learn about my favorite Los Angeles ice cream sandwiches between cookies, macarons, macaroons, bread, and wafers.

7. NIGHT + MARKET Ice Cream Sandwich ($4.50)

Talesai scion Kris Yenbamroong brought Thai street food to the Sunset Strip, and followed that up with a dedicated spinoff in Silver Lake. NIGHT + MARKET’s ice cream sandwich, according to the menu, is “enjoyed in ghettos throughout Bangkok.” A sweet grilled roll hosts warm, sweet sticky rice, a scoop of coconut ice cream, condensed and evaporated milk and a dusting of crunchy toasted mung beans.

Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

8. Paninoteca by Scarpetta Ice Cream Sandwich ($5) CLOSED

Freddy Vargas, Scott Conant’s L.A. lieutenant, recently opened Scarpetta’s kitchen for a weekday grab-and-go sandwich concept called Paninoteca. No, not every sandwich contains roast beef, pastrami or Parm. Their ice cream sandwich features vanilla ice cream crammed between a pair of rich, fudge-like double chocolate cookies.

Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

9. Playa Provisions

This multifaceted concept from chef/partners Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts is right by the beach, so of course an ice cream sandwich is in order. Small Batch ice cream parlor is just one facet to the Playa del Rey compound, and they serve a single ice cream sandwich with chewy oatmeal cookies and marshmallow vanilla ice cream.

Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

10. Sprinkles Ice Cream Sprinkles Sandwich ($6.75) [CLOSED]

Sprinkles chef-owner Candace Nelson brought this fashionable white box with a circular counter and red letter messaging to the shadow of the Beverly Hills cupcake shop that launched the Sprinkles empire. People pile mix-ins on to ice cream made with Straus Family Creamery dairy, and if they’re smart, upgrade to the Sprinkles Sandwich. Two moist cupcake tops – dark chocolate or vanilla – are pairable with any ice cream flavor on the wall that’s marked by Sprinkles’ signature concentric dots, meaning they’re in stock. On my visit, that meant Butter Pecan with crunchy, buttery pecans studding butter pecan ice cream. Pick up the sticky sandwich if you like, or keep the components in a cup.

Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

11. Sweet Rose Creamery Ice Cream Sandwich ($4.50)

This small batch ice cream shop from pastry chef Shiho Yoshikawa, Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan Loeb now has branches at the Brentwood Country Mart, near Santa Monica High High School, and in Mid-City. Ice creams may feature carrot cake with cream cheese and pecans, candied orange with coriander and almonds, or coffee from Caffe Luxxe. Sweet Rose Creamery occasionally offers seasonal ice cream sandwiches, which could combine basil ice cream with tangy lemon wafer cookies.

Ice Cream Sandwich Los Angeles

Sweet Rose Creamery specializes in old fashioned ice cream sandwiches with Madagascar vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafers.


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Love Carmela’s! Josh, you need to come try our new ice cream sandwich and ice cream cakewich at Cake Monkey! We’re using McConnell’s Ice Cream.

Lisa, Thanks for the head’s up. Cake Monkey and McConnell’s is sure to be a winning combo.

They forgot Ice Que’s funnelcake Ice cream sandwich! O.o

Diddy, Edward referenced Ice Que’s funnelle cake ice cream sandwich in his original intro, and it still gets a shoutout in Quenelle’s listing. That’s another great ice cream creation, for sure.

This list is awesome… currently my fave.

Thanks, Rochelle! I’ve got another ice cream-related round-up in the works.

love it! cannot wait to try Carmela’s ice cream sandwich.

Cindy, Carmela’s ice cream sandwich is so good!

I didn’t know that Sweet Rose had ice cream sandwiches – hoping it’s not just at all the locations other than the Beverly one (which is near me)!


I do know that Sweet Rose has a couple exclusives. For instance, they only have soft serve ice cream on Pico. However, you’re in luck, the Beverly Boulevard branch carries ice cream sandwiches. Enjoy!

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