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Over 200,000 Vietnamese people live in and around Little Saigon, which includes parts of Garden Grove.

The range of eating options is staggering in Little Saigon, a Vietnamese wonderland that spans four Orange County towns: Garden Grove, Westminster, Fountain Valley and Santa Ana. Despite dozens of trips to the area, there are always new surprises. The depth and breadth in these interwoven neighborhoods continues to astound me, and driving down streets like Brookhurst, Bolsa and Westminster makes it increasingly clear that there are still plenty of restaurants to explore. Learn about 16 of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in Little Saigon, listed in alphabetical order.


Vietnamese Food Orange County

The spot that nem nuong built has been located in Little Saigon since 1996. In a show of marketing prowess, the Dang family installed an exhibition window in the Mall of Fortune hallway, so potential customers can see women constructing pork meatball spring rolls (nem nuong cuon). The rolls are indeed definitive, complete with char-grilled pork meatballs, crunchy wonton piping, Romaine lettuce, julienne cucumber, carrot and daikon, mint leaves and “house special sauce.” Customers can also order plenty of other Vietnamese dishes surrounded by mammoth flower bouquets and decorative horse paintings.

MUST ORDER DISHES: Nem Nuong Cuon, Chao Tom Cuon, Mien Xao Tom Cua

Brodard Chateau

Vietnamese Food Orange County

Diane Dang’s daughter Lisa Dang-Vo helms Brodard Chateau, a more ambitious Brodard spinoff that debuted due north of the 22 Freeway in 2006. The two-story space features a full bar, wood accents, and decorative Vietnamese art. Brodard is the house that spring rolls built, and the Dang family features several varieties at the Chateau, along with a varied menu. If you’ve been to the original Brodard, it’s easy to like the Vietnam-style bustle that the Dang family brings to the Mall of Fortune. However, it’s also nice to have a relaxing alternative, in a more decorative setting (with alcohol), and Brodard Chateau delivers.

MUST ORDER DISHES: Grilled Shrimp Spring Rolls (Chao Tom Cuon), Roasted Duck Spring Rolls (Goi Cuon Vit), Crispy Seafood Egg Rolls (Cha Gio Hai San), Vietnamese Crepe (Banh Xeo), Sole Noodle Soup (Bun Ca), Sizzling Sole (Cha Ca Thang Long)

Dat Thanh [CLOSED]

Vietnamese Food Orange County

Owners Toan Nguyen and wife Mary are natives of Vung Tau, which is located on the coast, about an hour outside of Ho Chi Minh City. The family farmed before moving to the States, and once they arrived, they ran a clothing factory and Vietnamese bakery that became known for banh mi and iced coffee. Now the Nguyens and son Hoi operate Dat Thanh, which has only six tables and lean decorations that amount to a fan touting a river village and a galloping horse painting. Considering the popularity of Brodard, a Little Saigon institution, it makes sense that other restaurants would attempt to master the pork meatball spring roll, and the Nguyens make a valiant effort. Dat Thanh also specializes in com tam, broken rice grains that are the byproduct of processing. The busted grains were long considered the provenance of the poor, until people realized they’re a worthy vessel for meat, rolls and more. Dat Thanh offers plenty of toppings.

MUST ORDER DISHES: Fried Shrimp Rolls, Nem Nuong Cuon Thu Duc, Com Tam Tau Hu Ky, Tom, Bi, Cha va Bo Dai Han

Hue Oi

Vietnamese Food Orange County

The name Hue Oi refers to a city in central Vietnam called Hue, the former seat of royalty, and Oi is a greeting that’s equivalent to “Hey.” The Duong family, including Linh, wife Vinh and son Long, owns the restaurant, which specializes in regional Vietnamese dishes like Bún hến, a rice vermicelli bowl that’s available Friday to Sunday and stars plump baby clams. Two styles of Vietnamese “tamales,” both wrapped in banana leaves, are also interesting. So is a roasted bean drink that Long compared to coffee. My initial visit definitely warranted a return trip to dig deeper, especially now that the Duong family relocated Hue Oi to new digs in Fountain Valley.

MUST ORDER DISHES: Bún hến, Banh Loc La/Banh Nam Combo, Nuoc Dam Van



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