2015 Top 10 Foods

Waterfall Maui

Even remote areas have great food at this point. Huli Huli Chicken shines near Wailua Falls on Maui.


Every Monday, Food of the Week celebrates my favorite dish from the previous 7 days. I live in Los Angeles, a culinary epicenter, and was lucky enough to travel to places like Baja California del Sur, Hawaii (Maui and Oahu), San Diego and San Francisco. Along the way, I took dozens of tantalizing tastes. Looking back, here are my 2015 Top 10 Foods, which appear in order of preference.

5. Hatchet Hall Chicken Liver

Toast Los Angeles

Brian Dunsmoor doesn’t hold back with his devastating chicken liver toast, which Hatchet Hall serves on house-baked bread.

4. Mud Hen Water Opah

Fish Hawaii

Mud Hen Water chef Ed Kenney works wonders with their wood grill and local I’a Lawalu, aka opah, aka moonfish.

3. Bracero Cocina Pink Grouper Zarandeado [CLOSED]

Mexican Food San Diego

Bracero serves luscious pescado zarandeado, starring pink grouper that roasts in an oak-fired Caja Baja.

2. The Progress Half Moon Bay Spot Prawn

Seafood San Francisco

Bites don’t get much better than The Progress wood-grilled spot prawn with spinach and prawn roe curry.

1. Addison Pithivier Hiver

French Food San Diego

Chef William Bradley’s buttery puff pastry contains slow-braised beef and mushrooms and rests in rich Bordelaise.


Joshua Lurie

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