2015 Top 10 Foods

Waterfall Maui

Even remote areas have great food at this point. Huli Huli Chicken shines near Wailua Falls on Maui.

Every Monday, Food of the Week celebrates my favorite dish from the previous 7 days. I live in Los Angeles, a culinary epicenter, and was lucky enough to travel to places like Baja California del Sur, Hawaii (Maui and Oahu), San Diego and San Francisco. Along the way, I took dozens of tantalizing tastes. Looking back, here are my 2015 Top 10 Foods, which appear in order of preference.

10. Dha Rae Oak Smoked Duck

Korean Food Los Angeles

Dha Rae Oak bolsters smoked duck by grilling and serving with accompaniments like pickled daikon and spicy slaw.

9. Migrant French Onion Tsukemen [CLOSED]

Ramen Maui

Chef Sheldon Simeon deftly melds local and global thinking for Migrant’s French onion tsukemen.

8. Buffalo BBQ Paceño Taco [CLOSED]

Taco La Paz

Buffalo BBQ’s Paceño taco honors La Paz residents with lobster and ribeye surf & turf.

7. Ahgoo’s Kitchen Sesame Green Onion Cake

Taiwanese Food Los Angeles

The puffy, crisp coated, pan-fried sesame scallion pancake at Ahgoo’s Kitchen is unparalleled in L.A.

6. Ember Restaurant Ribeye

Steak California

Ember Restaurant buffets ribeye with red oak and serves luscious beef with sides like potato gratin and broccolini.



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