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Top 10 List

Top 10 San Diego Dishes of 2015

San Diego, which many Angelenos view as L.A.’s laid back kid brother, has had a big culinary growth spurt. Neighborhoods like Little Italy, the East Village, and Kearny Mesa are coming on strong, and...
Cocktail Baja

Top 10 Drinks of 2015

Every Friday, Drink of the Week celebrates my favorite beverage from the previous seven days. To end the year, discover my 10 favorite Drinks of the Week in 2015. Numbered establishments on the map...
Taco Baja

Top 10 Foods of 2015

Every Monday, Food of the Week celebrates my favorite dish from the previous seven days. I live in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to travel to places like Baja California del Sur, Hawaii...
Mexican Food San Diego

Bracero Cocina Pink Grouper Zarandeado (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Javier Plascencia and business partner Luis Peña in San Diego’s Little Italy. The name honors Mexican farm workers who stepped up to perform manual labor in the U.S. under the Bracero program from World...
Cocktail San Diego

Bracero Cocina Ready Lane Cocktail (Drink of the Week) [CLOSED]

Javier Plascencia in San Diego’s Little Italy that’s generating major buzz, but not just for the food. Bartender Christian Siglin, who I met while he was working at adjacent Craft & Commerce, has delivered...