Top 10 Craft Beer Destinations in Pasadena

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Stadium Pasadena

The Rose Bowl has hosted historic sporting events and concerts and now welcomes craft beer festivals.


6. Whole Foods Market – Arroyo Parkway is where you can get a world class selection of beer.  One aisle is chilled.  The other side is not and both yield many treasures from around the world and from breweries right here in Los Angeles.

7. Mike & Anne’s – Each of my lists has an outlier.  This restaurant in South Pasadena is a great and relaxing spot near the Mission Street stop of the Gold Line.  Do some bar hopping and then hop off here for dinner and a craft beer pairing.

8. Stone Company Store – Hop off the Gold Line and right into this tiny little gargoyle of a place and get your growler filled.  Or wait around.  You might see Greg Koch here or have Wil Wheaton behind the bar serving up Woot Stout.

9. Haven Brewing [CLOSED] – In the mood for hops?  Well, then this spot across from the Twin Palms is where you will want to go.  Brian Thorson has fashioned a great beer line-up from a little system.  And he has some great beer names too!  A Beer with No Name.  P.E.D.  Brilliant.

10. Intelligentsia – OK, another outlier.  But this coffee spot has beer too!  Plus it is next door to Coolhaus which often has beer ice creams.  It’s a two-fer of sorts.


Sean Inman

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