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Stadium Pasadena

The Rose Bowl has hosted historic sporting events and concerts and now welcomes craft beer festivals.

Food GPS beer editor Sean Inman takes the Gold Line to Pasadena to spotlight 10 bars, breweries, markets and restaurants that will satisfy anybody’s craft beer cravings.

1. Lucky Baldwin’s – with two Pasadena locations to choose from + Sierra Madre.  You are never too far from a great Belgian and foreign selection of beers.  Plus, if you go to the Old Town spot, it is like stepping back in Los Angeles beer history.  This is no johnny come lately to the scene.

2. Congregation Ale House – Another multi-location craft beer bar.  And this one has history in the walls too!  It is on the same patch of ground where Crown City Brewery once brewed.  And while there is no brewing in Pasadena, you can get a house beer from the new Congregation Brewing.

3. Kings Row Gastropub – This Colorado Boulevard spot is tucked into the back but once you find it and there two bars, you will have a wealth of craft beer choices.  And they do Pig Roasts mixed with tap take-overs most every month.

4. Slaters 50/50 – This joint on North Raymond has over 100 beers available but what is more important is that all the servers are Certified Beer Servers.  Plus they have a donut burger. Now to decide what to pair with that.

5. The Blind Donkey – One street over from the main drag of Colorado is Union Street and that is where you will find Blind Donkey and a wealth of whiskey choices.  But being a part of the Verdugo/Surly Goat/Little Bear group means that the beer is rock solid as well.



Sean Inman

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