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"The Perfect Cappuccino" follows Amy Ferraris and her "obsession with a beverage."

On Sunday, May 3, Amy Ferraris screens “The Perfect Cappuccino” at Los Feliz 3 Cinemas as part of the LA United Film Festival. Her coffee-related documentary is “the story of one woman’s obsession with a beverage. The film will accompany me on a personally-narrated journey that will trace the origins and social significance of the cappuccino…Blending the voices of baristas, cultural critics, business leaders and coffee geeks everywhere, this film will use the cappuccino as a means to explore the strange intersections of individualism and mass culture in America.” You can find out more about “The Perfect Cappuccino” and watch the trailer at the above website. Tickets are available in advance through the LA United Film Festival website.

When the DVD is released in the near future, expect extras like interviews/demos with former United States Barista Champions Kyle Glanville (Intelligentsia) and Heather Perry (Coffee Klatch).


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