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Craft Beer Scotland

James Watt has gone to great lengths to promote Tactical Nuclear Penguin. [Duncan Brown]

The strongest beer on the planet comes courtesy of Scottish renegades Martin Dickie and James Watt, of BrewDog. Tactical Nuclear Penguin is 32% ABV, a truly hardcore brew from the hop mad showmen. Watt – The Emperor Penguin – recently e-mailed to weigh in on TNP and the future of extreme brewing at BrewDog.

Food GPS: Where did the name Tactical Nuclear Penguin come from?

Watt: The name comes from the extremely cold temperatures which the beer was exposed to during the freezing process.

Food GPS: How do you produce a 32% ABV beer?

Watt: All is explained in this little video which includes the dog in a penguin suit

Tactical Nuclear Penguin from BrewDog on Vimeo.

Food GPS: How long do you ferment?

Watt: The initial fermentation was 10 days. The whole process took a year and a half.

Food GPS: Why was it important to produce the strongest beer on the planet?

Watt: Tactical Nuclear Penguin was about pushing the boundaries of innovation in beer and challenging people’s perceptions about what beer can be and how it can be enjoyed.

Food GPS: Can beer get any stronger? If so, what would it take?

Watt: We think it can, it would need a little refinement of the process. We could tell you, but then we maybe have to kill you, or at least have you kidnapped.

Food GPS: What’s your goal with Tactical Nuclear Penguin?

Watt: To achieve something remarkable and also to try and raise the profile of craft beer in the UK, a market where bland beer made by faceless corporations dominate.

Food GPS: What are some suggested food pairings?

Watt: TNP is awesome with some dark 80%+ cocoa chocolates.

Food GPS: What’s the next step with extreme brewing at BrewDog?

Watt: We are working on a few cool new projects, the best place to hear about these first is the blog on


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