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Craft Beer Los Angeles

L.A. Beer Blast B5

The L.A. BEER BLAST is designed to let Food GPS readers know what’s new at select L.A. bars and restaurants with great beer selections. You’ll also discover beer-related events in the area and learn...
Craft Beer Scotland

The Madness of Tactical Nuclear Penguin

The strongest beer on the planet comes courtesy of Scottish renegades Martin Dickie and James Watt, of BrewDog. Tactical Nuclear Penguin is 32% ABV, a truly hardcore brew from the hop mad showmen. Watt...
Craft Beer Scotland

Tactical Nuclear Penguin Blitzes L.A.

The box was plain enough. In the upper right hand corner, the label just said “Royal Mail,” but I knew this is what I had been waiting for: Tactical Nuclear Penguin. No, it’s not...