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Craft Beer Los Angeles

You can't tell NELA's craft beer story without places like Eagle Rock Brewery and Verdugo Bar.

I will admit up front there is a bit of gerrymandering going on with this guide to craft beer. The post title of Northeast Los Angeles doesn’t quite say it all. The longer and more accurate title would be Atwater Village, Glendale, Glassell Park, Highland Park, and Los Angeles. But that isn’t quite the catchy Buzzfeedian title that the interwebs thrives on. Whatever you want to call it this stretch of L.A., these are all great spots to kick back and enjoy the finest craft beer.

1. Eagle Rock Brewery: Happy 4th Anniversary! The now expanding Eagle Rock brewers recently celebrated with a cool party at their brewhouse and taproom. Later this year they will premiere a new Colorado Boulevard location in Eagle Rock. I suggest trying their imperial witbier, White Rabbit, before it disappears.

2. The Glendale Tap: This San Fernando Boulevard bar occupies a corner spot and boasts a wonderful line-up of beers plus they also have some great bottled options as well. They have quite the local options as well. One night I went from Torrance’s Smog City to South El Monte’s Progress Brewing over the course of one evening. Plus the decor of classic brewerania and motorcycle chic is very cool.

3. The Pub at Golden Road: I drive by the three brightly colored buildings a lot and even with only one true entrance across the railroad tracks due to construction, the home of Golden Road Brewing is a rollicking place (especially when a train rumbles by). I suggest re-checking out the hefeweizen. It may not be the hop bomb that is currently en vogue but it is a strong American adaptation of the German classic.

4. The Hermosillo: The future home of Highland Park Brewery has been a great people watching spot on York Boulevard. I feel like I am repeating myself but they boast another strong tap list that is writ large on the wall with and old school projector.

5. Link n Hops: Next door to the 55 Degree wine and beer shop is this tap spot at the far end of Atwater Village. The tabletops are like a Thomas Guide with area street names emblazoned on them. A neat little spot tucked into a strip mall that you should make a point to check out.



Sean Inman

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Another glaring omission: Altadena Ale House

Dio, Altadena Ale House is a cool spot, but in the 626, not NELA.

One glaring omission: Red Lion Tavern.

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